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Former leader of the Fire Mages inside the Colony, Hero's mentor, leader of the orcs
Gothic 1: Circles of Magic 5 & 6
Gothic 1: VoM Tower, Sleeper's Temple

Gothic 2: Khorinis Tower, Circle of Sun, Irdorath, Ship

Gothic 3: Nordmar Tower
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Information in this article has been compiled with the help of the Gothic Almanach and the Mondgesänge database.

Xardas - a powerful necromancer who was once a Fire Mage (before the Barrier incident). Once the 12 magicians lost all control over the Barrier Spell (and thus resulting in the encompassing of a much larger area than it was originally intended), Xardas left the Circle of Fire and devoted his studies to demonology and black magic. Xardas serves as one of the main characters in the Gothic franchise and through his actions, he significantly shapes world events at will.

Appearance and characterEdit

Xardas appears as an old man, with a pale complexion and pupiless, white eyes. He is always clad in dark robes, signaling his identity as a Necromancer. He is highly knowledgeable and well versed in magic but he does not flaunt his power and never dispenses more knowledge than it is required for his companions to complete their tasks.

He is very powerful, as he can summon demons and skeletons, as well as teleporting to remote locations at will. An example of his power was that he was able to summon creatures powerful enough to construct his tower near Khorinis in less than one night. During the final orc offensive against humans in Myrtana, he helped the invaders by destroying rune magic, or rather containing it in a single focus stone, rendering the paladins and Fire Mages magical powers null.

Xardas can be described as a non-nonsense, straight-to-the point kind of character. He has showed little to no emotion throughout the series and he believes that in the long run, the end justifies the means, choosing to abandon his high position as a Fire Mage and turn to Necromancy in order to study the powers that pose a threat to humanity. He does not hold the Circle of Fire in high regard, believing that their arrogance has clouded their judgement.



Xardas was arguably the greatest and most powerful of the Fire Mages, and was the twelfth mage that oversaw the creation of the Barrier[1], which he saw not as a perfect prison, like Rhobar II did, but rather as protection from Beliar's dark influence.

However, following the Barrier incident, Xardas devoted his studies to Necromancy and the Dark Arts. This greatly upset his fellow Fire Mages, resulting eventually in his departure from the Order. However, Xardas was no fool, so in order to avoid open conflict, he left the Old Camp to study the art of Beliar in solitude.[2]

Gothic IEdit

Xardas' study of the barrier and the Dark Arts has allowed him to discover that the reason why the Barrier extended beyond their original intentions was an ancient demon, called the Sleeper.

Knowing the reason behind the perversion of the Barrier, Xardas needed a human capable of banishing the Sleeper, as he himself was aged and physically weak, not to mention that he would also be vulnerable whilst travelling. That human ended up being a prison convict, the Nameless Hero.

Xardas also saw this as an opportunity to gain even more power by absorbing the Sleeper's soul. The teleportation to the Sleeper's temple exhausted him, however, preventing him from completing the plan. The Nameless Hero, after meeting him briefly, banished the demon from the world but got trapped under the falling debris of the now crumbling temple.

Gothic IIEdit

However, Xardas would not leave his protégé for dead. After relocating his operations to a safer place, he summoned him to his newly constructed tower on the outskirts of Khorinis to gain his aid in fighting the spawn summoned by the Sleeper with his last dying scream.

By helping him along the way and by repairing the Eye of Innos and eventually finding the Halls of Irdorath, Xardas was finally able to complete his goal and gain the power of the Undead Dragon, shortly after its defeat at the hands of the Nameless Hero.

Gothic III Edit

Having gained both powers of Beliar and Innos, Xardas harvested the powers of the Undead Dragon for a greater goal: the war of the Gods. Seeing chronicle disaster and conflict between factions of the Gods of Light and Dark, he sought a way to banish the power of both Gods of this world. Leaving the Nameless Hero behind on Khorinis, he travelled to the main land, where he allied himself to the orcs. He helped them overthrow the forces of Rhobar II and conquer the mainland in his search for the ancient Artifacts of Adanos. These would help him in his quest of peace.

As the Nameless Hero arrived on the mainland, Xardas had sought recluse in a tower he constructed in the vast frozen lands of Nordmar. Upon arrival, Xardas explained his plan to the Nameless Hero, and left him a choice. Seeking out the Artifacts, the Hero is able of choosing a path, each leading to a different ending of the game. Chosing Adanos, and the path Xardas had planned for him, you banish the world from both the forces of Innos and Beliar, killing both Rhobar II and Zuben in the process. Xardas then takes you to a portal leading to a different world. What happens there is unknown.

Gothic III Forsaken Gods Edit

In his exile located somewhere between space and time, he watch the actions of the mortal beings.


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