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Former leader of the Fire Mages inside the Colony, the Nameless Hero's mentor, leader of the orcs
Gothic 1: Circles of Magic 5 & 6
Gothic 1: VoM Tower, Sleeper's Temple

Gothic 2: Khorinis Tower, Circle of Sun, Irdorath, Ship

Gothic 3: Nordmar Tower
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Information in this article has been compiled with the help of the Gothic Almanach and the Mondgesänge database.

Xardas - one of the heroes of Gothic saga, a powerful necromancer who was a Fire Archmage (before the creation of the Magic Barrier over the Valley of Mines). Once the twenty Mages, who lost all control over the Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley Spell (and thus resulting in the encompassing of a much larger area than it was originally intended), Xardas left the Circle of Fire and devoted his studies to demonology and Black Magic. Xardas serves as one of the main characters in the Gothic franchise and through his actions, he significantly shapes world events at will.

Appearance and character Edit

Xardas appears as an old man, with a pale complexion and pupiless, he has short grey hair, short grey beard and white eyes. He is always clad in dark robes, signaling his identity as a Necromancer. Xardas is highly knowledgeable and well versed in magic, but he does not flaunt his power and never dispenses more knowledge than it is required for his companions to complete their tasks.

Xardas is very powerful, as he can summon Demons and Skeletons, as well as teleporting to remote locations at will. An example of his power was that he was able to summon creatures powerful enough to construct his tower near Khorinis in less than one night. During the final Orc offensive against humans in Kingdom of Myrthana, he helped the invaders by destroying rune magic, or rather containing it in a single focus stone, rendering the Paladins and Fire Mages magical powers null.

Xardas can be described as a non-nonsense, straight-to-the point kind of character. He has showed little to no emotion throughout the series and he believes that in the long run, the end justifies the means, choosing to abandon his high position as a Fire Archmage and turn to Necromancy in order to study the powers that pose a threat to humanity. He does not hold the Circle of Fire in high regard, believing that their arrogance has clouded their judgement.

Background Edit

Xardas was arguably the greatest and most powerful of the Fire Mages, and was the twelfth mage that oversaw the creation of the Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley[1], which he saw not as a perfect prison, like king Rhobar the Second did, but rather as protection from Beliar's dark influence.

However, following the Barrier incident, Xardas devoted his studies to Necromancy and the Dark Arts. This greatly upset his fellow Fire Mages, resulting eventually in his departure from the Order. However, Xardas was no fool, so in order to avoid open conflict, he left the Old Camp to study the art of Beliar in solitude.[2]

Gothic Edit

After the murder of almost all of the Fire Mages from the hands of the Old Camp's Guardians, Saturas sent the Nameless Hero in search of Xardas, who could help destroy the Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley. After solving the mystery of the three Golems, the Unknown Hero was admitted by the Fire Demon to Xardas. Xardas greeted the Nameless Hero very unpleasantly, but decided to help him destroy the Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley and talked about everything that he has managed to establish so far. Xardas told the Nameless Hero that the answer lies deep beneath the Orc City. A thousand years earlier, five Orcs' Shans had summoned the Sleeper to the Dimension of Adanos, who was to help them conquer an enemy clan. Beliar, knowing that there are huge deposits of magical ore in the Mine Valley, sent the Sleeper to the Mine Valley. The Sleeper helped the Orcs in conquering the enemy clan, and the Orcs raised the trap of the Temple of the Sleeper in his honor. The Five Orc Shans gave the Sleeper their hearts, but the Sleeper cast a curse on them and became the Undead Orcs' Shans. The Sleeper fell asleep, and the Orcs sealed the Temple of the Sleeper. Xardas thought that it was by the Sleeper Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley that it was so large. Xardas ordered the Nameless Hero to go to the Old Citadel and talk to the exiled Orcs' Shan - Ur-Shak, who should know something about entering the Temple of the Sleeper. The Nameless Hero went to talk with Ur-Shak. Ur-Shak revealed that to pass through the Orcs' City, the Nameless Hero would need Ulu-Mulu - an orcish sign of friendship. After capture Ulu-Mulu, the Nameless Hero went to the Temple of the Sleeper and killed four of the five Undead Orcs' Shans. After the time, The Nameless Hero returned from the Temple of the Sleeper to the Xardas' tower without victory, because he failed to kill the last of the five Undead Orcs' Shan and Apocalyptic Temple Guardians, and thus, did not get into the face of the Sleeper. However, he found a strange sword there, which he decided to take and show to Xardas. Xardas determined that this is a powerful magic weapon - Uriziel, unfortunately deprived of his power. Xardas prepared a spell designed to restore Uriziel's power. After a successful ritual, The Nameless Hero went to the Temple of the Sleeper to kill the last of the five Undead Orcs' Shan. In the last chamber, Xardas suddenly appeared, who used all his magical power to be in the Temple of the Sleeper, gave the Nameless Hero the last hints, and then Xardas lost consciousness. After the Sleeper's expulsion to Beliar's Dimension, Xardas at the last moment teleported to the surface before the Temple of the Sleeper collapsed.

Gothic II and Gothic II: The Night of the Raven Edit

After the collapse of the Magic Barrier over the Mine Valley, Xardas set off towards the port city of Khorinis and there, thanks to his servants, he created another, third tower. Xardas pulled the Nameless Hero from under the rubble of the Temple of the Sleeper and gave him a new task - getting Eye of Innos and Beliar's Claw, and informed him of a new threat - Dragons from Khorinis and the arrival of the Paladins to the nearby port city of Khorinis. Sometime later, one of the friends of the Nameless Hero - Lester - came to the tower of Xardas. Xardas asked a lot of questions, then ordered some rest. After conquest of Beliar's Claw by the Nameless Hero, Xardas praised him and warned him that he would not lose him under any circumstances. After the destruction of the Eye of Innos by the Seekers, Xardas saw the last resort in Vatras. He decides to carry out the Reversion Rite, which was to reverse the action and repair Eye of Innos. But news of Xardas's return did not appeal to Pyrokar, who never trusted him and thought Xardas was dead. Through the Nameless Hero, Xardas handed Pyrokar the book "The Court of Irdorath". Pyrokar, astounded by a gift from Xardas, came to the meeting, and they fixed Eye Innos together. After killing all the Dragons from Khorinis in the Mine Valley, Xardas gave Lester a letter to the Nameless Hero and unexpectedly disappeared, leaving several demons on guard in his tower. After killing the Undead Dragon by Nameless Hero, Xardas reappeared and took over all of Beliar's power, absorbing the soul of the Undead Dragon, thereby becoming the chosen one of Beliar, and then disappeared. Xardas met the Nameless Hero in the captain's cabin aboard the "Esmeralda", explaining to him his request and saying goodbye: "We'll meet again..." Then Xardas teleported to Myrthana. Xardas said what Vatras said in Khorinis: "And human defeated the beast, who returned to the Kingdom of Beliar..." 

Gothic 3 Edit

"Even here I feel his power, even though it is so far away." - Potros about Xardas

It turned out that Xardas was allied with Beliar. He became the master of the Orcs and made a covenant with them. In addition, he destroyed the rune magic, thus depriving the Fire Mages and Paladins of the magical weapon against the Orcs. During the Battle of Faring, Xardas defeated the Myrthans using the sixth Focus Stone (witnesses to this event saw Xardas walking along the path, then blinded everyone with a powerful glow) and gave the Orcs a free hand in getting Faring. He then made contact with Kan and allied with the Orcs. He ordered the Orcs to start excavations and search for all five Adanos' Artifacts. Xardas went to Nordmar and visited the Wolf Clan, where he sat for a whole day. After talking to the leader, he supported the Nordmaris with two Ice Golems, and shortly thereafter, along with Hanson and Greypelt, they set off to the northeast of Nordmar. They parted at Deer Hill, then Xardas went alone. He built the fourth tower and began studying there again. After the arrival of the Nameless Hero, Xardas said he took over Beliar's power to help Innos, who is now very weak. He sent the Nameless Hero to search for all five Adanos Artifacts that the Orcs had already been looking for. Later, Xardas revealed to the Nameless Hero his plan: Xardas wants to destroy all five Adanos' Artifacts and kill King Rhobar the Second and Zuben, thereby ending the War between Innos and Beliaer. We managed to do this and the war between Innos and Beliar came to an end. Xardas and the Nameless have set off on their last journey. Together they moved towards the stone gate leading to the Unknown Lands. The Unknown Hero opened it with the help of Scep of the Varant and the Staff of the Eternal Wanderer, which he received from King Rhobar the Second and Zuben. Then, the Nameless Hero and Xardas went through the portal and built a tower in the Unknown Lands, where they lived. In the meantime, there was peace in the Kingdom of Myrthana.

Gothic 3: The Beginning Edit

At the age of twenty, Xardas lived in his cottage near the town of Khorinis. One day ghost of his great-great-grandfather - Buthomar, spoke to him. He asked Xardas for help in bringing peace and for stopping Dusaro. He ordered him to head southeast to the Temple of Fire, where the rune of the fiery arrow was hidden. It turned out that the Orcs from Dusaro were already there. Xardas was not strong enough to face them then. Buthomar ordered him to go to Kilbas, one of the Chosen Ones, who lived in town of Khorinis. When Kilbas heard about Butcheror, he gave Xardas his symbol to open the Temple of Fire. When Xardas went there, he found the rune of a fiery arrow. Xardas asked Kilbas for help in using it, and the hunter sent him back to the abbey, where Celdric would surely know what to do. Celdric handed Xardas another magic symbol and instructed him to go back to Kilbas. At his home, Xardas met the Robbers, who had kidnapped Kilbas. It turned out that one of them had a map to the rider of their gang. When Xardas went there and killed the Bandits, he and Kilbas went to the abbey. There Celdric told about the Order of the Blood and Butcher, and then with the help of their symbols they ordered him to open the passage to Initria, because they needed four runes. When Xardas did, he went to Initria and asked about Idra, one of the chosen, who was not favorable to Dusaro. He was not at home at the moment, so Xardas went to the nearby Temple of Life. He opened the portal using symbols and took away the healing rune. Then Xardas returned to Idra's house and showed him the stone. Idra told him that he would receive his symbol when he would free his sister from the members of the Order of the Blood. When Xardas did, he received the symbol and went to the Temple of Power. There, he found Corgar and his men, quickly took away the sleep rune and went to Monrar, the last of the Chosen Ones. Corgar's men stopped at his house. Monrar himself blinded them with focused sunlight and ordered Xardas to go to the Temple of Death near the town of Khorinis. There, Dusaro himself was waiting for Xardas, who quickly entered the Temple of Death and took over the rune of death. Then Xardas went to the abbey, where all the elected were gathered. Together they set out to fight with Dusaro, who was in the base in the forest. There, with the help of the Chosen Ones, Xardas killed Dusaro and ended the authority of Order of the Blood.

Gothic 3: Quest Pack 4 Edit

Xardas sent his orders for the Orcs in Myrthana:

  • Order from Ardea,
  • Order from Gotha,
  • Order from Vengard,
  • Order from Hammer Clan.

After showing these scrolls to Xardas by the Nameless Hero, Xardas gave the Nameless Hero new scrolls with orders that he had to hand over to Kan. The Nameless Hero gave new scrolls with orders to the Orc guarding the gate to the castle in Faring.

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Edit

Two years after the end of the War between Innos and Beliar, The Nameless Hero and Xardas watched events in the Kingdom of Myrthana from the Xardas' tower in the Unknown Lands. Then there was a War between Gorn and Thorus. Xardas backed Lee, claiming that the War between Gorn and Thorus would tire people and peace would come. The Nameless Hero disagreed with Xardas and decided to return to the Kingdom of Myrthana in order to unite the Kingdom of Myrthana. Xardas tried to stop him, but in vain. In the end, there was a duel between the Nameless Hero and Xardas, in which the Nameless Hero won over Xardas and left the Unknown Land. Then Xardas moved from the Unknown Lands to Argaan, east of Tooshoo and Black Depth.

ArcaniA Edit

Ten years after the reunification of the Kingdom of Myrthana by king Rhobar the Third, Xardas began to observe the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr. The Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr met Xardas (actually his astral projection) for the first time when descending from Whiteeye Mountain to Thorniara. After a moment, however, Xardas disappeared. For the first time, the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr and Xardas talked to each other at the Lighthouse in Thorniara. Xardas introduced himself to the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr and said that he had observed him from Feshyr. Xardas thought that the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr would do the right thing because it was his nature. Then they met on the flanks at the eastern tower. Then Xardas said that the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr might be as useful as king Rhobar the Third. They met for the third time in the arena after killing Drurhang, where Xardas said he had discovered how to give the Sleeper away from the mind of king Rhobar the Third for a moment. The next time they met in the Innos' Temple in Thorniara after recovering the Amulet of Sleeper. Xardas explained that Amulet of the Sleeper alone is worth little without binding and calls on the hero to come to her tower. The teleport to her was in the lighthouse behind Thorniara. Xardas ordered Gorn to clear her path in the cemetery. Personally, he met the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr only at the end of the adventure. In the tower, Xardas gave him a frame for the Amulet of Sleeper and sent him to the Klif Monastery, which was attacked by Xesha and Ahn'Bael. Xardas ordered him to kill Xesha and place aa Amulet of Sleeper with the frame in the right place to free king Rhobar the Third from the curse. Xardas showed the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr the passage to Zoldren, which way will be the fastest way to reach the Klif Monastery. Xardas warned him only against the demonic king Zoldren, for he was a servant of Xesha, and his brothers searched Argaan in search of the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr.

ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif Edit

Xardas only appeared for a moment in the temple under Setarrif as astral projextion. Xardas explained to the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr that the last of the artifacts needed to expel the Sleeper is the Seal of the Goddess, whom the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr left at the Klif Monastery. Xardas said that the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr does not have to return there because Selena has already thought about everything and brought the Seal of the Goddess to Setarrif herself. He is in the Temple of Adanos at Setarrif, where the servants of the Sleeper are attacking her, so Xardas ordered the Nameless Shepherd of Feshyr to hurry.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeing the Staff of the Eternal Wanderer, Xardas pondered and found that he had already seen this object. There may be a relationship between Xardas and the Eternal Wanderer.
  • In Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, from Immanuel, Nameless Hero found out that around Xardas there is a magical aura that strengthens the magical power of everyone in its vicinity. After the victory of the Nameless Hero over Xardas during the duel in Unknown Lands, the Nameless Hero took over part of this magical aura, which he could not use.
  • In the modification titled Gothic: Dark Mysteries, there is a mage named Uriziel, whose face looks the same as the Xardas's face.
  • Although he does not appear in Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, the player can call Xardas with a code, he will be friendly to the Nameless Hero. If a player summons Xardas in Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods - Enhanced Edition, then his name will not appear over Xardas' head, but only the heartball.
  • Xardas is the oldest man in the Gothic saga, about one hundred and sixty years old.
  • In ArcaniA, Xardas' eyes have barely visible irises and pupils, while in Gothic saga his eyes were completely white.
  • Probably Xardas was to die in Gothic or the canceled official addon Gothic Sequel, as evidenced by the Xardas' death music track contained in the soundtrack to Gothic.
  • In the modification titled Gothic II: The Night of the Raven - Global Mod, Xardas often exhibits black humour, unseen in the main parts of the Gothic saga.


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