Ulu-Mulu - according to the Orcs, is a powerful weapon that testifies to the strength of a warrior appearing in Gothic. Possessing this weapon gains the respect of the orcs and can pass by them without fear of attack from their side. However, in reality this weapon is average in terms of damage, and has only a meaning of symbolizing the power of the owner. 


Creating Ulu-MuluEdit

Ulu-Mulu testifies to the great strength and courage of the owner, that is why it is created from materials whose collection requires such features, but nevertheless it is not a strong weapon. First, the Nameless Hero must receive a task from Xardas to find an exiled orc shaman living in the ruins of the old Citadel . This shaman, named Ur-Shak speaks of this weapon and its special properties. He also says that he can be made by his friend, a slave from the Free Mine, named Tarrok . The hero finds Tarrok in the mine, but he was bit by a Minecrawler, and was poisoned. He informs the player of his medicine that treat the poison. The nameless man brings him his medicine which is found lying on the lower level. After getting the medicine, and the appropriate crafting components, he will craft you the Ulu-Mulu.

  • KROTAHK, the Tongue of a Fire Lizard that can be found in the orc lands, or next to the wreck of a ship on the beach.
  • KHAZ-TAK, The Horn of a Shadow Beast , which can be found in the dense forests and caves.
  • DWACHKARR, or the tooth of a Swamp Shark, found in the swamps of the Swamp Camp.
  • ORTH-ANTAK, Tusk of a Troll , living in the mountains.

After bringing the necessary materials Tarrok will creaft the Ulu-Mulu, and The Nameless Hero will receive 10,000 experience points.


  • When searching for ingredients, a second troll appears in the troll canyon, in place of the one that was previously slain by you and Diego.
  • The Orcs believe that the Ulu-Mulu owner is powerful. Probably because it is necessary to make trophies from the most difficult and powerful beasts in the area: a troll, a swampshark, a shadowbeast, and a fire lizard.
  • Ulu-Mulu was originally supposed to be an amulet