Innos is one of the three principle deities of the Gothic series. He is the god of light and fire as well as the patron of humanity and, in Gothic 2, the Nameless Hero. Of the three known gods, Innos is the first and highest. He has guided mankind's path from it's earliest beginnings, taking them from a disparate group of nomads to a civilization gifted with rune magic and order. The exact nature and extent of his involvement with man is never truly elaborated upon however. Innos is the traditional enemy of his brother Beliar, god of darkness. From the earliest beginnings of the Gothic universe through to the era the games take place, Innos and Beliar have been locked in a struggle to assert their influence and design for the world. He is involved to varying degrees in all installments of the Gothic series, and remains a central part of Gothic lore.


Shrine to Innos