Gothic - a series of action RPG games, launched on March 15, 2001 by the German studio Piranha Bytes. Embedded in a fictitious world, which corresponds to the realities of the Middle Ages, it tells the story of the Nameless Hero - from his exile to the Valley of Mines to the coronation of the third king of the Kingdom of Myrthana.

All games in the Gothic series were created by Piranha Bytes, except Gothic 3: The Beginning and Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, which were the result of the work of Trine Games and Handy Games. Spin-off production, ArcaniA game and addon-on ArcaniA: The Fall of Setarrif took over the Spellbound Entertainment studio.

Games Edit

Spin-offs Edit

When the rights to the Gothic brand were borrowed from JoWooD Productions, Gothic 3: he Beginning and Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, followed by ArcaniA: Gothic 4 and ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif. When brand rights returned to the original creators of Piranha Bytes employees, it was decided to recognize ArcaniA and ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif as a spin-off, it was also decided to remove all references to the Gothic 4 title from the game.

Gothic: The Comic Edit

In June 2000, Piranha Bytes published a comic book entitled Gothic: The Comic, describing the events from before Gothic.