Missile Protection Impact Protection Blade Protection Element Protection Value Description
RoyalShield thumb
Royal Shield [Worn]
20 20 20 - 6300 Shield of Rhobar I.
RuneShield thumb
Rune Shield
40 35 35

10 Energy

10 Ice

10 Fire

6000 Unknown runes bear witness to the age of this shield.
PaladinShield thumb
Paladin's Shield
35 30 30 - 3150 The universal symbol of the paladins decorates the shield. All bearers are brothers in arms.
KnightShield thumb
Knight's Shield
35 25 25 - 2550 The symbols stand for the 4 main virtues of a knight: bravery, dignity, humility and loyalty.
SkullShield thumb
Skull Shield
25 20 20 - 1350 The name is because this wooden shield looks like an upside down skull.
RoundShield thumb
Round Shield [Worn]
10 7 7 - 900 The Nordmarian round shield is strapped with metal and the wood is strengthened with metal rails.
LeatherShield thumb
Leather Shield [Worn]
5 2 2 - 250 The nomads in Varant rely on leather as base material for their light shields.

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