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Potion Name Description Cost (Ore Value) Console Code Image
Potion of Quick Healing +30 Life HEILTRANK
Essence of Healing +50 Life ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_01
Extract of Healing +70 Life ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_02
Elixir of Healing +100 Life ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_03
Essence of Life +5 Life (Permanent) ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_PERMA_01
Extract of Life +10 Life (Permanent) ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_PERMA_02
Elixir of Life +15 Life (Permanent) ITFO_POTION_HEALTH_PERMA_03
Essence of Magic Energy +30 Mana ITFO_POTION_MANA_01
Extract of Magic Energy +50 Mana ITFO_POTION_MANA_02
Elixir of Magic Energy +70 Mana ITFO_POTION_MANA_03
Essence of the Spirit +5 Mana (permanent) ITFO_POTION_MANA_PERMA_01
Extract of the Spirit +10 Mana (permanent) ITFO_POTION_MANA_PERMA_01
Elixer of the Spirit +15 Mana (permanent) ITFO_POTION_MANA_PERMA_01
Crawler Potion +10 Mana (permanent), allows contact with the Sleeper ITFO_POTION_ELIXIER_EGG
Healing Potion for Y'Berion HEALTHWATER
Potion of Swiftness Can sprint for 1 minute ITFO_POTION_HASTE_01
Potion of Velocity Can sprint for 2 minutes ITFO_POTION_HASTE_02
Potion of Haste Can sprint for 5 minutes ITFO_POTION_HASTE_03
Essence of Dexterity +3 Dexterity (permanent)


Extract of Dexterity +5 Dexterity (permanent) ITFO_POTION_DEX_02
Elixer of Dexterity +8 Dexterity (permanent) ITFO_POTION_DEX_03
Essence of Strength

+3 Strength (permanent)

Extract of Strength +5 Strength (permanent) ITFO_POTION_STRENGTH_02
Elixer of Strength +8 Strength (permanent) ITFO_POTION_STRENGTH_03
Potion of Power +4 Strength and Dexterity (permanent) ITFO_POTION_MASTER_01
Potion of Supremacy +6 Strength and Dexterity (permanent) ITFO_POTION_MASTER_02

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