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Gothic 1: Shadows

Gothic 2: none

Gothic 3: none
Leader of the Shadows
Hero's friend, Gerbrandt's former partner, Guide for the Paladins' expedition in the Valley of Mines.
Gothic 1: Strength, Dexterity

Gothic 2: Strength: 90 Dexterity: 200 Thieving: Pick locks

Gothic 1

Gothic 2

Gothic 3
Gothic 1: Exchange point, in front of the gate to the castle, troll canyon, southern gate of Old Camp

Gothic 2: Valley of Mines, Upper Quarter, Ship.

Gothic 3: Ardea
Danger level
(in case of combat)
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Information in this article has been compiled with the help of the Gothic Almanach and the Mondgesänge database.

Diego, a close friend, mentor and even a father-figure of the Nameless Hero, is one of the best thieves of the land, and a born business man, managing to make himself noticed very easily, and make money very fast, thus becoming the richest man of the mainland.

Before his convictionEdit

It is unknown where Diego comes from. Judging by his Varantian-sounding name and features common to that part of the world, he might be from Varant.

Diego used to be an Ore thief in the city of Khorinis, working for Gerbrandt, a local merchant. Because of his connection with Gerbrandt, Diego started learning more and more about the illegal business the man he was working for was taking part. So much that he started posing a threat to Gerbrandt, and thus forcing him to turn Diego over to the militia. Being unable to oppose any resistance, as he was imprisoned, all of Diego's properties, including his house in the upper quarter of the town, are taken by Gerbrandt.

It was in that cell, where Diego would first meet Lester, Gorn, and later Milten. After spending a short while in the cell, he, together with the other three, was thrown in the Colony, to work in the Ore mines of Khorinis.

Inside the ColonyEdit

Being trapped inside the Barrier, Diego chose to join the Old Camp. He quickly earned the respect of other members and worked his way up the hierarchy of the Old Camp, becoming the leader of the Shadows.

Choosing to help Gorn in his problem with Brabak, Gomez's former bodyguard, he gets into some trouble himself. During his attempts to get the items needed for the plan against Brabak, Diego worsens his relations with the mages, and takes part (accidentally), in the destruction of the Eastern Tower from the Old Camp.

He would then meet the Hero, whom he saves from being beaten to death by Bullit and his men. Later on he would help him recover one of the Focus Stones.

A less known fact is that the orders Diego gives around the camp, to other Shadows, or to newcomers, are influenced by Thorus, Diego most of the time being only the one that passes the orders on to the right people. Even though he had an important role in the camp, and he was respected, he lacked any kind of devotement towards his community. Roscoe, when he would hear that the Hero brought Ian's list of requirements from the Old Mine to Lares, would say that Diego would "die laughing" if he knew about the hero's deed. Also, when Diego would receive the fake list, the hero would notice a "glow in his eyes".

After the fall of the BarrierEdit

After the Barrier collapsed, he came back to the city of Khorinis to warn the paladins about the dragons, but the paladin Lothar takes him for a "lunatic", thus sending him back to the Colony, to dig in the Ore mines.

Later on he is met, again, by the hero, and is escorted out of the Colony, during which Diego would lose his bag, containing 2000 gold coins. After a short while, Diego asks the hero for help to find the lost bag of gold.

Managing to regain access to the upper quarter of the city of Khorinis, Diego would meet his old employer, Gerbrandt, and threaten him, until he would make him hand over all the properties back. Having all his personal matters taken care of, Diego joins the hero on his adventure on Irdorath, after which they, together with some other persons, including their friends, would re-embark on Esmeralda and set off for the mainland of Myrtana.

On the mainlandEdit

Together with the hero and the other companions on Esmeralda he sailed to the midland and disembarked in the small fishing village of Ardea. There, as soon as they realized that the town was under orc control, he helped in a battle for the liberation of the settlement, which was victorious.

Diego soon realized that entire Myrtana was under orc rule. Wanting to avoid joining the orcs and looking for better trade opportunities than those in the midlands, he traveled south in the desert of Varant. First he stopped in the village of Braga to find new trading partners among the very rich and already respected Hashishin. He again proved that he is one of the best traders since he managed to establish a trade monopole and in time he became the richest and most influential man, governing the great trading city of Mora Sul.

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