Arcanum Golum is a series of two volumes, both of which are found in the Library of the Water Magicians.

The books treat the subject of magical cretures, more specific, Golems. The first volume concentrates on the Stone Golem, while the second volums brings into discussion the Ice and Fire golem.

The books do not mention the Swamp Golem. This could be due to the fact that one volume is lost, or that nobody remembers their existance, the Jharkendar area being isolated from the rest of the world for a long period of time.

The books were used by the Nameless Hero, at the advice of Saturas as part of his quest to find Xardas. The Necromancer had surounded his tower with Golems, which were also part of a puzzle. Their defeat would have been highly unprobable without the help of these volumes.


Volume 1Edit


Arcanum Golum, Vol. I


(Magic of the Golems)

Only who has been confronted with these creatures that come from the elements can truly understand how much respect these magical creature will teach an adventurous wanderer.

Stone Golem


These colossus of stone are nearly invulnerable in battle. Swords, axes and bows do not seem to do any damage to these monsters.

The only plausible report of a battle against such a leviathan was written by a mercenary. He reported how the blunt hit of a war hammer caused cracks in the golem, until it finally burst apart.

Volume 2Edit




Arcanum Golum, Vol. II

Ice Golem


The ice golems are somehow related to the stone golems, though their physical substance seems to consist of water. Any familiar weapon seems to slide off the surface of this icy being.

Adventurous wanderers be warned of this creature's icy breath as well, because it surrounds the unsuspecting with a pillar of ice.

A Magician of Fire reported an encounter with such a creature, but apparently he didn't see much of a threat in it.

Fire Golem


According to reports, these fiery beings can convert their victims into a sea of flames with only one touch.

It was only last year that a group of hunters met such a walking mound of embers. There is no report of the outcome of the encounter, but apparently lightning bolts and ice had some effect on the hellish creature.